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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I get a quote? You can get a quote by calling to speak with one of our security experts directly (800-440-1662) or you can request a quote online.

What does a typical security camera system cost? The cost of a camera security system can range drastically depending on the application and environment the system will be used in. It's best to speak to one of our trained professionals about the different types,and price rages, of systems we offer. Our experts will work with your budget and help you find the best products to accomplish your security goals, weather you're a home owner, a small businessman, or a large multinational corporation.

Can I install the security cameras myself? Do it yourself security camera systems are available. Ask one of our security specialists to find out if this cost saving option is right for you.

Does Camera Security Now offer installation nationwide? Yes, Camera Security Now has trained technicians around that country ready to setup and install surveillance systems wherever they are needed.

Is a security camera system affordable for a small business? We believe small business are some of our best clients because small business owners personally appreciate the value of the additional management control and loss prevention that our security camera systems provide. Unlike larger firms who may have several levels of management, and who may routinely absorb large losses from inventory shrinkage, the success of a small business owner depends on running a very tight operation. With do-it-yourself security camera systems starting under $500 Camera Security Now has an affordable system for any sized business.

Are your security camera systems suited for large facilities? Camera Security Now provides customer surveillance solutions to large and small facilities nationwide. When you consult with one of our security camera experts they will make sure you receive the cameras, and the infrastructure to support them, that are right for your physical plant. Understanding the environment a security camera system is to be used in is a key part of our consulting process. So, rest assured, our cameras are suited for large facilities.
How do I know what cameras I need? To determine what cameras are best for our clients application we start by finding out what's important to our clients. That information, along with the environment the cameras will be installed in, and any budget constraints, help guide our consultants to recommend the best video surveillance possible.

Does it cost to have an onsite visit to advise what type of security camera system I need? In most cases having a site survey from Camera Security Now is free.

How do I view the cameras remotely? You can use your computer, laptop, cell phone, or other mobile device to remotely view your camera system. Internet access is required where the security cameras are installed and the site where remote viewing is desired.

How many days of recorded video will I be able to store? The number of days worth of video any security camera system can store depends on several factors. The key factors in this question are how much storage space do you have, how many cameras are recording and for how long, and at what resolution and at what frame rate are they recording at? Obviously the more storage space your DVR or NVR has available the more video you will be able to retain. Standard systems now have anywhere from 4TB to 28TB of storage as standard. A common 1 Megapixel IP camera using H.264 compression, recording at 1208x1024 resolution and 15 frames per second will use approx 1.5GB Per Hour. In that scenario a 10 camera system recording 24 hours a day you could expect to use approximately 10 days of video on a 4TB system, or 20 days of video on an 8TB system, or 30 days on a 12TB system. etc. Be sure to tell your consultant how much video you would like to retain when discussing your system requirements.

Am I legally allowed to record audio with my camera system? That depends on the state in which you live. There are "One Party Consent" and "Two Party Consent" laws in which the people being recorded must have knowledge of it. Always check with your state's current laws to be sure.

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